PICS Tri-Provincial Health Care Professional Canadian Work Experience & Wage Subsidy Program

For Healthcare Professionals in BC, AB & ON

What is FCR IEHP?

The Canadian Federal Government-funded Foreign Credentials Recognition (FCR) for Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHP) program is dedicated to facilitating the seamless integration of newcomers into the healthcare sector. FCR ensures that education and foreign work experience align with Canadian standards, creating a smooth transition for skilled professionals. The program’s objectives include increasing awareness, minimizing FCR process barriers, offering Canadian work experience, and supporting inter-provincial mobility in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

Canadian Work Experience opportunities for IEHP‘s

  • Provide Canadian Work Experience and Job Placement to eligible Nurses and Health Care Aides (HCAs)
  • Provide a 12-week Wage Subsidy Program for Clinical/Addiction Counsellors and other eligible health professionals across 3 provinces

Inter-Provincial Mobility for IEHP‘s

  • Provide employment opportunities and Inter-Provincial Mobility across BC, AB, and ON by addressing systemic and administrative barriers ensuring smooth transitions, and contributing to a more accessible nationwide job market.

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FCR IEHP Program Eligibility

*1 item from each category must be met to be eligible

Immigration Status

  • Canadian Citizen
  • Permanent Resident
  • Refugee with Working Status
  • Temporary Resident (Open-Work Permit)

Professional Background (Health Sector)

  • Doctor, Nurse, Dentist
  • Clinical or Addiction Counsellor
  • Physiotherapist, Pharmacist
  • All other healthcare professional


  • Have graduated with an international healthcare degree

Gain PAID Canadian work experience with Inter-Provincial Mobility between BC, AB & ON

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Tri-Provincial Partners

PICS (British Columbia)

Click Here For BC Resident

Centre for Newcomers (Alberta)

Click Here for AB Resident

OCISO (Ontario)

Click Here for ON Resident

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